The company was established in 2011, where the company has provided the latest technology solutions integrated smart comprehensive to include large geographical areas and a large proportion of customers through the provision of professional and technical advice. Today Eagles Software Company is one of the most advanced companies in the world through its steady and growing growth. It has gained wide fame and credibility through a list of customers that exceeded 1000 customers during a short period of establishment.

Our Vision

In the years of continuous work and diligence and development, the company has created a cadre of highly experienced at the level of programming, technical support and technical solutions capable of covering all sectors, whether private or public or government, all the requirements of programs and devices. We aim to reach high levels of professionalism and efficiency in all fields. Therefore, we believe that the continuity of the company and raising the level of the market is pleasing the client. Therefore, the company has endeavored to provide its services to all its customers in Jordan through the opening of its branches in Amman, Aqaba and Irbid soon so that it can deliver its message quality after sales service.


Eagles soft Company provides its customers with a wide range of services, whether on the scale of the devices or the software, through quick response to the customer's requirements and service in the shortest time not exceeding 6 hours. The company has distinguished by selling high quality equipment to three years warranty . In the scope of software, the company provided solutions for various business sectors in addition to providing warranty on hardware and software, excellence in after sales service, providing technical consultation, installation of systems, equipment, training and assistance in data entry operations.